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Life has a lot of secrets everywhere. Some as unfolds get the form of calculations, physical changes, and natural wonders. Some people are gifted with the gift to think beyond day to day life and create new world to live in, I am proud that I am onesuch man. The interest for creating designs for social cause, movie posters, ads and the new world of programming has taken me on a roller coaster ride right from the tender age of 18. Starting the ride as screenplay writer / Actor / Director for short films during high school and slowly moving onto creating company of my own and running it successfully for 3 years, now jumping to new whole interesting world of programming for one of the world’s most admired telecom company, My life has been one hell of a ride and it promises to be more interesting than ever.


Primary Skills : HTML, CSS, Java/J2EE | Languages : Java | Scripting Languages : JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX | Web Servers : Web logic, Apache tomcat | Database : Oracle, SQL | Framework : Spring MVC | Web Technologies : HTML, REST/SOAP Web-services basics | Design Tools : Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw | VFX Tools : Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects. Adobe Fusion

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At present am on busy schedule for next four months but am ready to make myself available to work for non profit organizations.

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